Traditional “No Country For Shadow” week will take place on 15th May in Vilnius and will be spread in Lithuanian main cities by the 21st May. “No Country for Shadow” is organised aiming to develop a responsible, active and conscious society as well as to invite citizens to make a change in their daily choices, which could affect the scale of shadow economy in the country.

By sharing specially prepared postcards we hope to inspire debate and thought in everyone’s head about the long-term implications that ‘Shadow’ brings upon the economy.

Paying wages related taxes citizens can ensure their social security and also accumulate working experience which influences their pension later on. Last year over 140 thousand people failed to accumulate 12 months of work experience during the year. As part of “No country for shadow initiative”, Social Security Fund (SoDra) will send them specially prepared information about their projected retirement, which, in many cases, is significantly less because their unofficial job.  

We invite every institution to initiate their action as well!

Programme and activities:

  • Traditional handing out of postcards with relevant information about the shadow economy. The action will take place on 15th May from 8.00 and from 12.30 in Vilnius. Smaller towns can choose the other convenient date and time.
  • Local government, business controlling institutions, business and communities meetings in Lithuanian municipalities.
  • Teachers of economics are invited tohold a lesson about the shadow economy and initiate a discussion with the pupils.
  • Other activities by communities.
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Please notify us about your willingness to participate in the event by filling a REGISTRATION FORM (LT).
A detailed agenda will be sent to the registered participants.

For any questions please contact Ieva Lapeikiene by email:, cell: +37060103592

The initiative is organised by Investors‘ Forum and transparent business labeling initiative „Baltoji banga“. Partners of the initiative: Presidential of the Republic of Lithuania, Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Tax Inspection, State Social Insurance Fund, State Labour Inspectorate, Labour Exchante, Junior Achievement  and other business and non-governmental organisations. The list is not limited. We are looking to see your organisation there!