Vilnius, 201april 21st

Association “Investors’ Forum”, which unites all the biggest and most active investors in the Lithuanian economy announced and awarded companies, organizations and individuals, who in the year of 2016 contributed most to the country’s business and investment environment improvement.


In the sixth “Investors’ Forum” annual award ceremony “Vilkyškių pieninė” won the Investor 2016 title. During the ceremony, the association also named the year’s decision to improve the business environment, responsible business, business journalist of the year, countries servant and economics teacher.


The company “Vilkyškių Pieninė” was recognized as the investor of the year for its investment in the production base for the development of Tauragė. Last year, the company allocated 26 million euros for the investment. Lidl Lithuania and Schmitz Cargobull Baltic were also nominated for this category.


“Although the major cities of the country are considered as Lithuanian economic centers, traditionally attracting most investment, regional development is necessary for the consistent economic growth of the country. So it is vital that both local and foreign companies are entering the regions of the country, where recently an increasing number of manufacturing companies could be seen. One of the most modern diary producers in Lithuania “Vilkyškių pieninė”had made a significant contribution for strengthening the regional economy – in 2016 the development of the company’s production was the highest in a quarter-century of private capital investment in Tauragė region. We wish that the company’s operating history and experience will inspire local and foreign business to look not only in big cities to invest,”- noted Rolandas Valiūnas, Association “Investors’ Forum” Chairman of the Board.


For the applied high transparency, dissemination of good experience, organizational culture and investments in environmental protection in 2016, Telia has been recognized as the most responsible company of the year. The company actively contributes to the enhancement of business transparency in the country, are involved in public safety and education initiatives. As a part of the initiative, which aims to educate inhabitants about the virtual space security, last year the company trained more than 42 000 students and teachers.


The award for the best 2016 decision to improve the business environment was given to the sixteenth Government, which demonstrated political will and determination to modernize labor relations and was impelling the new Labor Code acceptance. “Although the long-awaited new social model has been delayed, it held a discussion and the adopted law has helped to dispel some myths that the Labor Code in Lithuania is inviolable. The government also demonstrated the determination and desire to listen to the expectations of the business, which in itself was a positive signal to the investors’ community. We hope that the Tripartite Council will accept the new Labor Code already in the summer, as promised and the ice in addressing one of the most urgent challenges for business Lithuania finally moves, “- said Rūta Skyrienė, “Investors’ Forum” Executive Director.


Investors’ Forum members also awarded the servant of the year, auditor Arūnas Dulkys. Investors noted Arūnas Dulkys targeted activities for improving the efficiency of the State‘s budget governance and to make supreme audit institution an open, responsible and professional partner in improving public sector efficiency.


The economy teacher of the year has become Modestas Raudonis, Vlado Mirono gymnasium teacher of Economics and Business. The award was given not only for imparting knowledge and experience, but also for the ability to inspire students to innovate, develop and implement business ideas.


To solve another major challenge which investors are facing – skilled labor and specialist shortages, “Investors’ Forum” in conjunction with the agency “Invest Lithuania” took the initiative to assess the country’s higher education programs. The most promising programs, which matched the biggest business expectations were evaluated with a special quality mark “Investors’ Spotlight”. In the annual awards these four study programs were the first ones to get “Investors’ Spotlight” marks: Kaunas University of Technology, Bachelor of Economics, as well as Vilnius University Bachelor of Information Technology degree, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Engineering Informatics Bachelor’s degree and from the same University, Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor.


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